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Meet the expanded Opn family!

Oticon Opn is a new kind of hearing aid, improving speech understanding by up to 30%*, even in noisy situations, compared to traditional hearing aids. This success inspired us to expand the Opn family to help even more people.

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New styles and features available

Opn can now help more people overcome hearing challenges and experience sound in the ways that matter most to them.

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*Le Goff et al. 2016, Opn Clinical Evidence White Paper, Oticon, Inc.

Opn is now rechargeable!

Hearing aids just got easier and more convenient! The Opn miniRITE hearing aids now have a rechargeable option. That means less time replacing batteries, and more time opening up to the world.

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Telecoil technology meets open sound

Telecoil technology can be used wherever a loop system is installed, and delivers sounds directly into users’ hearing aids. Now available in the new Opn miniRITE-T and BTE13 Plus Power models.

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Experience open sound in a power instrument

The Oticon Opn BTE13 Plus Power style now brings open sound benefits to more people, including users with severe-to-profound hearing loss.

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tinnitus relief

Tinnitus affects more than hearing. Opn hearing aids now combine the benefit of Tinnitus SoundSupport™ and the open sound experience to help users manage the impact of tinnitus and take back control.

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Introducing ConnectClip

Turn Oticon Opn hearing aids into a wireless headset with ConnectClip. Make hands-free phone calls, get extra help in the most difficult listening situations, and stream music in stereo from your smartphone, whether iPhone® or Android.

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For hearing aid wearers or advocates

Connecting teens to what’s important

Oticon Opn’s lightning fast performance and superior connectivity helps teens stay engaged with the world and have more confidence — and connects directly to their iPhone® or iPad®.

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The world’s first Internet-connected hearing aid

Oticon Opn is the world's first hearing aid that connects to the Internet through the If This Then That network (IFTTT).

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Hearing music with Opn is transparent. It’s open."

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For hearing aid wearers or advocates
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For hearing care professionals
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